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Progress Reports

NOTE: MARC used a different methodology to extract expenditures and encumbrances for progress reports prior to August 2011. Current forecasts are an accurate representation to date.

Quarterly Reports

Monthly Reports

Performance Measures

Green Impact Zone Projects

Original Draft Scope

These are the original work scope documents developed for TIGER. Some information may no longer be current.

  1. Scope Summary Items
    1. Summary description - 5/11/10 (pdf, 50kb)
    2. Master schedule (pdf, 24kb)
    3. Summary budget and detailed program budget - 5/11/10 (pdf, 99kb)
  2. Green Impact Zone
    1. Project scope overview - 4/28/10 (pdf, 122kb)
    2. Project schedule (pdf, 101kb)
    3. Map zone 1 (pdf, 4.6MB)
    4. Map zone 2 (pdf, 4.6MB)
    5. Map zone 3 (pdf, 5.3MB)
  3. Missouri Transit Corridors
    1. Project scope overview - 4/27/10 (pdf, 2.2MB)
    2. Preliminary schedule - 4/24/10 (pdf, 69kb)
    3. Bus station amenities - 4/24/10 (pdf, 165kb)
  4. State Avenue
    1. Project scope overview - 4/27/10 (pdf, 2.3MB)
    2. Project schedule (pdf, 66kb)
    3. Bus station amenities - 4/24/10 (pdf, 110kb)
  5. Metcalf Avenue/Shawnee Mission Parkway
    1. Project scope overview and schedule - 4/28/10 (pdf, 5.6MB)
    2. Amenities and budget - 4/28/10 (pdf, 181kb)
    3. Categorical exclusion (pdf, 5.9MB)
  6. Program Coordination, Outreach and Workforce
    1. Summary scope (pdf, 44kb)

Kansas City Regional TIGER Application

Application documents

In September 2009, MARC partnered with local jurisdictions, transit providers and freight providers to pursue a funding opportunity through the federal recovery act's Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) discretionary grant program. The Kansas City Regional TIGER Application request for capital improvements totals $87,761,000.

The TIGER program requires that projects be shovel ready, and be included in state, local or metropolitan planning efforts. Projects must be able to generate short- and long-term economic impacts, generate added outcomes of livability, promote safety, and involve innovative technology and financing.

The USDOT funded the Green Impact Zone and regional transit portions of Greater Kansas City's TIGER application.

Project application partners included Mid-America Regional Council, city of Kansas City, Mo., Johnson County, Kan., Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Kansas City Terminal Railway Company, Porth Authority of Kanss City, Mo., and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan.