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Study Background

Eastbound I-70 "North Loop"

Transportation infrastructure into and around the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan region provides safe and reliable access to the region’s core, across rivers and county and state boundaries. For the traveling public, benefits of investments made in years past are numerous and significant. Transport of goods and services via all modes contributes to commercial activity and supports our metropolitan economy. As with any infrastructure investment, lifespan of these facilities is limited and conditions around them change over time. Due to the large investment needed to rehabilitate or replace critical regionally significant infrastructure as it approaches the end of its useful life, it is important to take a long-term look at future needs as options are considered. 
The Beyond the Loop study area includes critical access corridors into the region’s core. It includes US-169 in Clay County, along with the Broadway Extension Bridge over the Missouri River. This critical river crossing is a major driver for this study, as it is estimated to be at the end of its life under current conditions. Major rehabilitation or a replacement is expected in the short to medium range. Along with US-169, the “downtown north loop” along the I-70 corridor is substandard for current interstate facilities, and is anticipated to also require some major investments in the future in order to remain in safe and acceptable operating conditions. I-70 also connects to major commercial industrial areas across the Kansas River into Kansas, and east towards eastern suburbs. 
The study limits are from the 5th and 6th Street interchange to the US-169/MO Route-9 interchange in Missouri and from the I-70/I-670 interchange in Kansas to US-71/I-670 interchange in Missouri. The project length is approximately 4 miles on US-169 and 6 miles on I-70. Length of an I-70 parallel corridor of influence to this study (I-670) is 4 miles.

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