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Destination Safe Coalition Tools

Destination Safe has resources that are being used in the region to help address high priority issues like aggressive driving, impaired driving, pedestrian safety and safety belts/occupant protection.


Law Enforcement Strategies

Destination Safe works with local law enforcement to implement traffic enforcement campaigns focused on priorities identified in the Kansas City Transportation Safety Blueprint. The goals of these enforcement strategies are to increase occupant protection and safety belt use, to reduce impaired driving, to reduce aggressive driving and to increase pedestrian safety.


(Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience)

SIDNE is available for use in the region and teaches the effects of impaired driving. The go-kart is designed for drivers to maneuver through an obstacle course while sober. It can be placed into impaired mode at any moment. Drivers are typically unable to control their vehicle and begin to take out cones throughout the course. A driver and a passenger can ride at the same time, and the vehicle requires drivers and passengers to be buckled up.

For more information about SIDNE or to request its program, contact Sgt. John Hotz with the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 816/622-0800.


Fatal Vision Goggles

Fatal Vision Goggles are available for community use. The new package has several levels of impairment and nighttime vision. These goggles can be used to show the effects of impaired driving by having program attendees walk a line or throw a ball. Other creative activities can be explored in a classroom setting or other educational moments.

Contact Sgt. John Hotz with the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 816/622-0800 for more information about Fatal Vision Goggles.


Child Passenger Safety Fitting Stations & Training

To improve the region’s safety belt use rates among children, Destination Safe is working with child passenger safety (CPS) to establish fitting stations in each county. A work group is identifying potential locations and needs. Training can be eimbursed in areas that need qualified technicians.

For more information, contact:

Kathy Zents, Safety and Health Council of Western Missouri and Kansas at 816/842-5225.

Phyllis Larimore, Car Seat Program Coordinator with the Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics at 816/ 234-1607.


Public Information and Education

Public awareness and education is a key to promoting key safety priorities in the region. Through assistance with Arrive Alive in Missouri and SafeKan in Kansas, safety messages are being coordinated on a metropolitan level in the Kansas City region. Billboards and public service announcements run throughout the region to promote safe driving behaviors in each of the identified high priority safety areas.

Contact Steve Porter with the Missouri Department of Transportation at 816/622-6329.