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Safety Issue Identification

The Kansas City region receives limited funds to support efforts that address priority transportation safety issues. The Destination Safe Coalition seeks to identify strategies that address these regional needs, and either match them with available funding sources or forward them to other transportation planning agencies for consideration. Documenting safety strategies in the region also helps ensure better coordination in implementing them across the state line.

Funding Sources

Currently, Destination Safe receives money from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) during its fiscal year, which begins July 1. Although the funding limits certain safety strategies to Missouri counties only, those that also benefit the Kansas counties — such as a public information campaign — will be considered by the coalition.

Eligible Applicants

Any individual or organization in the Kansas City region can submit a safety strategy for funding consideration, including stakeholders in education, engineering, enforcement, and emergency response.

Kansas agencies are still encouraged to submit safety funding issues through this process.

Eligible Safety Strategies

It is possible to apply for money for any transportation safety issue, but strategies that address high-priority areas are more likely to be funded. These are:

  1. Unbelted motorists
  2. Aggressive drivers
  3. Youth and young adults
  4. Impaired drivers
  5. Pedestrians
  6. Transportation safety data

If the group deems a strategy either cannot be funded through Destination Safe funds or can be addressed in other ways, the strategy will be forwarded to one of the following:

  • KDOT, MoDOT or local public works department for review
  • MARC’s metropolitan transportation planning process
  • KDOT or MoDOT’s statewide transportation planning process or appropriate rural planning process
  • KDOT or MoDOT’s Section 402 funding process
  • Kansas Highway Patrol, Missouri State Highway Patrol and/or local law enforcement agency for review
  • Other safety processes and/or partners as needed or identified.

Application Review

Once an application is submitted for consideration, the Destination Safe Coalition will review the issue identified and the strategy proposed. Strategies that address the region's high-priority safety areas and meet funding source requirements will be placed in a database that can be drawn from at any time funds become available.