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Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Transportation Outlook 2040 is the metropolitan transportation plan (MTP) that will guide the Kansas City region in management, operation and investment of approximately $18 billion for its multimodal transportation system over the next 30 years. Approved by the Mid-America Regional Council Board of Directors in 2010, the plan responds to many challenges we face — growing more efficiently, maintaining a competitive economy and preserving the health of the environment — all while enabling everyone to access opportunity.

Our region needs a clear direction to guide its response to these evolving challenges. Transportation Outlook 2040 supports the MARC Board’s vision for a sustainable region and provide a framework for addressing how we will manage, operate and invest in Greater Kansas City’s multimodal transportation system to help that vision.

One of the primary purposes of the MTP is to provide policy guidance on priorities for regional transportation resources. Decisions about the strategic allocation of resources to different uses within the plan can be significant and impact actual decisions made for the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as well as other state and local programs.

Extensive stakeholder input helped establish the goals found in Transportation Outlook 2040. These goals are consistent with those identified in the plans of local cities and counties. Serving as the foundation of the plan, Transporation Outlook 2040’s goals help direct the actions, strategies and investments that will help the region meet its needs. They help to define the criteria for prioritizing the region’s transportation expenditures and help to ensure that the public’s priorities are reflected in funded projects.