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Plans & Studies

Plans and studies help guide the policies for the Kansas City region

The draft 2016 UPWP now available for review

The Total Transportation Policy Committee approved the draft Unified Planning Work Program for public review and comment on Oct. 20.

For more information on submitting public comments, visit our public input page.

2013 Travel Time Study now available

Travel Time Studies help monitor the performance of the roadway system, and observes trends in automobile travel time, delay and congestion during peak travel periods for the Kansas City metropolitan area.

View MARC's most current analysis in the 2013 Travel Time Study.

What's the recipe for the Transportation Improvement Program or TIP?

Transportation projects are developed by the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Kansas Department of Transportation, local governments and area transit providers for inclusion in the TIP. Amendments to the TIP are made on a regular quarterly process along with special amendments as needed.