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Walk Friendly Communities

MARC's partners for the June workshop included the 
city of Grandview, the AARP Missouri state office, 
KC Healthy Kids and the UNC Highway Safety 
Research Center.

The University of North Caroline, Highway Safety Research Center

Carl Sundstrom
M.S.C.E., P.E. Senior Research Associate

Dan Gelinne
Program Manager, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

Kristen Langford
Research Associate

AARP, Missouri Office

Craig Eichelman - Missouri State Director
AARP Missouri State Office
9200 Ward Parkway, Suite 350, Kansas City MO  64114
816/360-2200 —

KC Healthy Kids

Sarah Shipley
Communications Director
El Centro Building
650 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101
816/523-5353 —


Aaron Bartlett, AICP
Senior Transportation Planner
600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105
816/701-8238 — 

Walk Friendly Communities is a national program that recognizes communities that show commitment to improving walkability and pedestrian safety with a comprehensive set of programs, plans and policies. The program can award different levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
On June 2 and 3, program facilitators from the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, the administrators of the Walk Friendly Communities program, presented two days of training for local entities interested in becoming Walk Friendly Communities.

Thank you to everyone who attended Step Up! Overview and two-day Pilot Workshopin June 2015. This event was the first Walk Friendly Communities workshop offered through the University of North Carolina, Highway Safety Research Center, the administrators of the Walk Friendly Communities  program. People are discovering that WFC is more than the assessment tool or the designation, it is a process that equips cities of any size to address pedestrian needs for changing demographics. The assessment tool helps to bring people together, creating lines of communication between engineers, planners, law enforcement and community stakeholders. Many communities are just getting started, and MARC and our event partners have many resources to assist your community.
Below, you will find workshop materials, a directory of attendees, event partners and their contact information, and more resources for cities in the MARC metropolitan planning area.

Event materials

Step up! Walk Friendly Overview

Step up! A pilot workshop for Walk Friendly Communities



Combined, the WFC events drew 98 participants, representing 31 cities and 12 counties across two states. Participants even came from communities such as Topeka, St. Joseph, Jefferson City and Springfield. The vast geographic representation and diverse backgrounds of the audience is a strong indication of the desire for walk friendly communities and the importance of this program.

Event partners

MARC's partners for the June workshop included the city of Grandview, the AARP Missouri state office, KC Healthy Kids and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center.
Thank you to all of the sponsors, and especially to the City of Grandview for hosting the event and providing meals and refreshments.