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Aging Transportation Program

Program description

There are four area agencies on aging in the metro Kansas City region: Johnson County Area Agency on Aging, Miami County (East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging), Wyandotte/Leavenworth County Area Agency on Aging, and MARC's Department of Aging Services — which serves Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri. The Missouri side of the metro area is divided into 16 geographical areas designated A through N. MARC provides transportation services to eligible individuals by soliciting and contracting with transportation providers in each geographical area.

Policies and Procedures: Aging Service Areas and Maps (pdf)

Federal funding for MARC's Aging Transportation Program is provided by Title III of the Older Americans Act, Missouri Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Assistance Program (MEHTAP), Missouri general revenue funds and the Social Services Block Grant. To receive federal funds, all Missouri area agencies on aging must develop and submit an area plan, which is mandated by the Older Americans Act and is approved by the Missouri Division of Senior Services.

Aging Transportation resources

Policies and Procedures Manual (for Contractors - pdf)

MARC Aging Services

Persons Site Transportation (pdf)

Meals Site Transportation (pdf)

Special Transportation Reserved (pdf)

Special Transportation Lift/Ramp (pdf)

Missouri Transportation Service Standards (pdf)
19 CSR 15-7.040 

MARC's transportation program contracts each fiscal year with providers that offer transportation services for the aging and persons with disabilities over age 18 in the following categories:

  • Site Transportation Persons
    Pre-arranged service to take an individual or groups of persons from an origin ( home or senior center) to a destination ( home or senior center) on a regular schedule or as agreed upon by MARC and the contractor.

  • Site Transportation Meals
    Pre-arrangement for delivery of prepared meals from a senior center to the homes of clients.

  • Special Transportation Reserved
    Provide non-lift equipped transportation at a person's request (from home to doctor, from grocery shopping to home, etc.).

  • Special Transportation Lift/Ramp
    Provide Lift/Ramp Equipped vehicles at a person's request (from home to doctor, from grocery shopping to home, etc.). Trips to and from senior centers in accessible vehicles are eligible.

  • Coordinated Non-Urban Transportation
    Consolidate multiple funding sources administered by MARC into a single contracting entity. This category combines into one operation all of the above-mentioned transportation categories. MARC will control the operation of this program throughout the contract year.

Potential contractors

Entities that meet the following requirements may submit proposals to provide aging transportation services within MARC boundaries in Missouri:

  • A corporate entity eligible to do business in Missouri.

  • An agency or organization that has current licenses and/or permits for proposed services.

  • A facility to be used in the delivery of services must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements.

  • An organization that has developed and implemented programs for compliance with federal and state regulations for equal opportunity, drug-free workplace and ADA.

  • An organization that has at least two years of corporate experience in providing services to the target population.