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Looking for a place to leave your vehicle and catch a bus, meet up with a carpool or a bike buddy? The RideShare park-and-ride map provides information for about 35 lots in the Kansas City region that are available for commuters to use. The tool helps commuters quickly find nearby lots, see photos, and get driving directions or map a transit route to or from a lot via Google Transit.

How to Find a Park-and-Ride Lot

Click on the icons on the large regional map, or search for a lot near your house. Besides the lot location, you can also find out what transit routes serve each lot (Note: not all lots have transit service) and whether the lot has bicycle facilities. Links are provided to the region’s transit agencies to find out the schedule for any transit routes.


The Missouri Department of Transportation maintains several commuter lots in the Kansas City region. A few are under the jurisdiction of the KCATA. Others are made available through agreements with retail centers, churches or other organizations. At this time, the RideShare program does not own any park-and-ride facilities in the Kansas City region.

Tips for using Park-and-Ride Lots

Park-and-ride lots provide a convenient place to park your vehicle during working hours, but vehicle owners should be aware of their responsible for the security  vehicles and any loss or damage that may occur. As with any parking lot, drivers should take precautions to keep their vehicles secure.

  • Observe any rules, regulations and hours of operation that may be posted at the lots.

  • Lock your vehicle, roll up your windows, and remove valuables or store them out of sight.

  • Report any security concerns to the local police department.

  • Park in well-lit areas when possible.

  • Don’t hide spare keys in your vehicle; keep vehicle and house keys on separate rings.

  • As a general rule, leaving a vehicle parked at a lot overnight or over a weekend is not advisable because the lots are not intended for this.