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MARC has many programs that connect the region

RideshareKC's Guaranteed Ride Home program

A common reason for not participating in ridesharing programs or taking public transportation is a concern about becoming stranded at work in the event of illness, accident or emergency. RideshareKC offers a Guaranteed Ride Home service for eligible commuters. It provides a free taxi cab ride home from work in the case of emergency on a day that you use a commute alternative such as carpooling. The program resets annually at the beginning of the calendar year.

See if you are eligible or contact RideshareKC.

Strategic plan for Operation Green Light

Operation Green Light has updated its strategic plan to guide programs and initiatives for the Kansas City region. The OGL Steering Committee adopted the new plan on January 23, 2017 for its operations through 2020. The plan defines the OGL mission, program objectives and best practices and incorporates input from OGL partner agencies.

Operation Green Light operates nearly 700 traffic signals across the region. Its goals include:

  • Managing and improving traffic flow.
  • Improving air quality by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
  • Helping people get where they need to go faster.

Traffic signal basics and Operation Green Light


A traffic signal has the primary task of assigning right-of-way to the different movements at an intersection in a safe and efficient manner. Today’s modern signalized intersections are complex, but we’ve outlined here a few of the basics.

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