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ET+ Overview

MARC is on a journey to empower communities to integrate the evaluation and assessment of ecological value in its community development projects. Beginning with the development of the Natural Resource Inventory data, MARC continues to build a suite of tools that help demonstrate the benefits of making environmental stewardship a priority in community development planning.

Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+) is a land use scenario modeling tool that was developed by Fregonese and Associates. ET+ empowers planners, developers and others to consider the economic and environmental impacts of a variety of land use and development options. The ecosystem service app helps identify areas suitable for conservation and restoration, calculates general costs and benefits of implementing a suite of stormwater best management practices, and assesses the benefits of planting street trees. ET+ is customized with MARC Natural Resource Inventory data.

Envision Tomorrow workflow diagram, in three steps: 1. Develop building          prototypes, 2. Build scenarios and 3. Evaluate scenario performanceThe EPA awarded MARC a Wetlands Development grant to partner with University of Utah – Metropolitan Research Center (MRC) to enhance the scenario building tool Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+)  by adding an ecosystem service app. One of the main goals of the project is to provide a tool that will allow the benefits of wetlands to be quantified, understood and evaluated with a range of other economic, environmental and social indicators of sustainability.


This initiative was funded by the EPA Wetlands Program Development Grant Program and developed in partnership with University of Utah – Metropolitan Research Center.