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Regional Housing Plans

As part of the Creating Sustainable Places Initiative, the Mid-America Regional Council prepared a Fair Housing and Equity Assessment (FHEA) and Regional Housing Element. 

Fair Housing and Equity Assessment

The Fair Housing and Equity Assessment examines the region’s housing challenges and opportunities, providing historical context to explain how we got where we are today; data and analysis to help define where we need to go; and strategies to help us get there. 

Numerous local housing stakeholders participated in the preparation of the FHEA through individual conversations, group workshops and meetings, and an online survey. Members of the Creating Sustainable Places Coordinating Committee  also participated in meetings and workshops, and formally accepted the FHEA as part of the Regional Housing Element. Other participants included nonprofit housing developers, affordable housing funders and municipal staff. The assessment was based on the 2011 Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing completed by the region’s nine Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) entitlement communities. 

A workshop was held on October 24, 2013, to share information from the FHEA, discuss barriers to housing opportunity and possible tools and strategies to help the region meet its goal of increased housing choices connecting people to economic opportunity. To view the presentation from the October 24 workshop, click here

Regional Housing Element

The Regional Housing Element is a companion piece to the FHEA and a supplement to the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The Regional Housing Element contains a policy framework for increasing the region’s capacities to develop affordable housing. It addresses housing throughout the region in the context of promoting an economically vibrant, prosperous, sustainable and equitable region. It promotes local, regional and state policies and actions that:

  • Increase understanding about housing types needed to meet changing demographics, economics, and household composition.
  • Further fair housing through both reinvestment and access to opportunity. 
  • Integrate greater housing opportunities in policies and plans for transportation, economic development and land use investments.
  • Build the capacity of housing development organizations to meet the region’s changing needs and support neighborhood reinvestment.
  • Promote coordination among entities whose missions include housing development;
  • Strengthen linkages of housing to employment, locating housing investments along priority corridors and at strategic activity centers.
  • Improve the region’s capacity to finance and develop a full range of affordable housing products.