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Demographics and Trends

Changing Demographics

Demographic changes in the Kansas City region and across the nation are clear and compelling. Our older adult population is expected to increase dramatically as the baby boom generation moves into retirement. Many of the baby boomers will want to downsize, and many younger people today aspire to different types of housing than the traditional single-family home.

Recent presentations and reports on this topic include:

Some of the presentations and reports linked above refer to a market segmentation developed by ESRI, which classifies U.S. neighborhoods into 65 unique market segments, such as High Society, Senior Styles, Family Portraits and Solo Acts. More details about these classifications are available online:

MARC's First Suburbs Coalition recently formed a partnership with KC Communities for All Ages, a regional initiative to help communities prepare for the large increase in older adults that will occur over the next two decades. The partnership produced a Community for All Ages toolkit, now available online. The partnership has also published a new Idea Book on universal design.