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2013 Grantees and Projects

The Planning Sustainable Places program (PSP) combined funds dedicated to the Creating Sustainable Places demonstration projects and the Livable Communities Surface Transportation/Bridge Program awards to provide financial support to local governments. This funding will advance detailed local planning and project development activities that further the creation of VIBRANT places that offer a mix of options for housing, jobs, services and recreation; CONNECTED places with a variety of transportation options; and GREEN places that support healthy living and a healthy natural environment. The projects’ goals will be consistent with those of Creating Sustainable Places and the region’s long-range transportation plan, Transportation Outlook 2040. The background of the Planning Sustainable Places program details its history, process and funding.

The grantees are located within the MARC metropolitan planning organization boundary and are either:

  • Jurisdictions (cities, counties and states) and transportation agencies or

  • Nonprofit organizations, economic development organizations, public transportation/transit agencies, or community-based organizations partnered with a local jurisdiction sponsor
Eighteen projects were selected in 2012. An overview of the funding awards and their applications can be found below:

The list below provides links to more information about each project. The map located further below shows the locations of all 2013 Planning Sustainable Places grants.

Map of 2013 PSP project locations