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Regional Vision

Creating Sustainable Places Vision

“Greater Kansas City is a sustainable region that increases the vitality of our society, economy and environment for current residents and future generations.”

— Adopted by the MARC Board of Directors, January 2009

Working together over the past decade, citizens and leaders throughout the region have developed a shared vision for a sustainable region — one that balances a thriving economy, social equity and a healthy environment, meeting today’s needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

This vision is captured in the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development — a compilation of regional and local policies and plans with common themes and goals related to sustainability. The plan defines activity centers and transportation corridors as key elements of what makes a region vibrant, connected and green. It also outlines the work flow for the Creating Sustainable Places initiative.

Although its foundation has been many years in the making, Creating Sustainable Places was officially launched in October 2010, when a consortium of more than 60 regional partners, led by the Mid-America Regional Council, received a $4.25 million planning grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to advance the implementation of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.

MARC’s Board of Directors appointed representatives from local governments, businesses, nonprofits, equity organizations, universities, professional associations and housing organizations to the Coordinating Committee that oversees the initiative. Committee members are working with regional leaders, stakeholders and community members to help the region achieve more sustainable development patterns, using multiple approaches based on a three-step process:

  • Developing a deeper public understanding of the benefits of and strategies to achieve sustainability.
  • Identifying existing tools and creating new ones that will facilitate successful sustainable development.
  • Putting plans into action to create a more sustainable future.
VIBRANT places provide easy access to jobs and services; offer housing, recreation, shopping and transportation choices; foster connections between neighbors and social engagement; and promote access to arts and culture. Vibrant places make efficient use of public and private assets and resources and are attractive to residents and businesses, not just today and tomorrow, but over the long haul. Vibrant street scene
CONNECTED places are linked by corridors that provide transportation choices, accommodating walking, biking and public transportation as well as the automobile. These corridors attract development and help connect residents to jobs and services. MAX bus stop
GREEN places create real economic, social and environmental value for residents, businesses and communities. The conservation, restoration and addition of important green places creates a positive impact on our natural world while creating places that promote healthy life styles and healthy residents. People on walking trail