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Regional housing element published

MARC has prepared a Regional Housing Plan element that will be integrated into the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The Regional Housing Element contains two key components: a fair housing equity assessment (FHEA), and a policy framework for increasing the region’s capacities to develop affordable housing. Learn more»

Transportation Outlook 2040 Plan update

In June, the MARC Board of Directors adopted the update to Transportation Outlook 2040 that maps out the long-range transportation future for the Kansas City region. 

The regional vision for the plan seeks to create a sustainable Kansas City region that increased the vitality of our society, economy and environment for current resident and future generations.

Visit to view the plan, strategies, policy goals and more. >>

MARC Board approves Sustainable Places Policy Committee

The Sustainable Places Policy Committee (SPPC) was formed in Spring 2015 to follow up on the Creating Sustainable Places initiative which ran from 2011-2013. The SPPC provides leadership and policy advice to MARC’s Board of Directors in regional sustainable development. Under the guidance of the SPPC, MARC works with local communities to update and implement land-use strategies that support transportation, equity, environment and conservation principles.  

The SPPC strives to integrate transportation, environment, housing, public health, economic development and other plans and policies in support of regional and local land use plans and objectives.  

Coordinating emergency response plans

Under the guidance of the Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee, local governments and emergency service agencies have collaborated on a broad range of plans that identify risks to the Kansas City region and offer guidelines for preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. When a disaster exceeds the capabilities or boundaries of a single jurisdiction, these plans will serve as a supplement to local emergency operations plans.

Updated land-cover data available

The new Natural Resources Inventory will help local governments conserve green infrastructure, and is intended to provide a framework for environmental planning at local and regional levels. The new data will help communities proactively conserve or restore natural resources during the development process. All new GIS data is available to MARC partners at no cost. More information»