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Small Cities Program

Successful Small Cities:
A Technical Tool Kit


The Small Cities Program at Mid-America Regional Council is intended to provide administrative, planning and informational resources to smaller local governments. There are 90 cities with a population under 10,000 in the region and only 23 of these cities employ a city manager or administrator. It is increasingly difficult for smaller cities to address problems confronting their communities due to limited resources.

The Small Cities Program will supplement local staff with resources, while focusing on a limited number of issues and program areas. Included in the Small Cities Program are:

  • Initiatives to help communities gain access to state and federal programs, through grant writing and grant management services
  • Information on planning techniques for infrastructure development, economic and community initiatives
  • Training on the use of economic development tools to take advantage of private funding opportunities
  • Assistance with "Best Practices," policy writing and a master contract for goods and services
  • Identification of revenue sources, use of special improvement districts and budget structure
  • Mapping support services

For more information about the Small Cities Program, contact Molly McGovern at 816/474-4240.