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Currently, the Managers Coaching Program is not accepting new coaches or protégé applications. If you want to add your name to the list of coaches or protégés please contact Georgia Nesselrode. Names on the list will be notified when the coaching program starts again.

This program is a joint effort of the Managers Roundtable and the Government Training Institute of the Mid-America Regional Council.

An advisory committee made up of local government officals helped shape the program and will continue to monitor the program's effectiveness.

The Managers Coaching Program goals are to:

  • Support the professional and personal development of new and aspiring managers in local governments.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of mentoring and coaching in all levels of the local government management profession.
  • Provide successful managers a personally rewarding opportunity to share their expertise effectively and efficiently.

Initially, this program will match senior managers with aspiring public sector protégés for a six-month mentoring experience. 

This program is modeled on the California ICMA Coaching Program. A useful resource of theirs is the e-coach where a panel of managers responds to questions from aspiring managers. All of the responses are posted online

Managers Coaching Program process

MARC coordinaties the coaching program and is responsible for matching coaches and protégés. The process used to match and monitor coaches and protégés is described below.

  • Coaches submit resumes to MARC and indicate their specific interests.
  • MARC holds a workshop for coaches.
  • Protégés submit their applications to MARC.
  • MARC verifies the eligibility of possible protégés.
  • MARC matches coach and protégé based on interests and experience.
  • MARC contacts the coach to verify the match.
  • MARC notifies and confirms the match with the protégé.
  • MARC notifies the protégé's supervisor.
  • Coach contacts the protégé and initiates an initial meeting.
  • MARC checks in with coach and protégé periodically to check on relationship.
  • Coach and protégé contact MARC at any time with questions or if problems arise.
  • Coach and protégé notify MARC upon conclusion of the relationship and provide an evaluation.
  • MARC meets separately with coach and protégé to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 

For more information, contact Georgia Nesselrode.