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Be a Protégé

Currently, the Managers Coaching Program is not accepting new coaches or protégé applications. If you want to add your name to the list of coaches or protégés please contact Georgia Nesselrode. Names on the list will be notified when the coaching program starts again.

Signing up as a protégé gives you an opportunity to build your skills, get an experienced perspective, and just talk out issues and projects, both big and small.

The coaching program is designed to help aspiring public sector managers access advice and counsel on how they can be better managers and advance their careers.

It's also an opportunity to build your network of support.

Who should be a protégé?

If you think you could benefit from discussing professional issues and strategies with an experienced manager then you should consider becoming a coaching program protégé.

We cannot accept current students as protégés. We prefer potential protégés who are currently employed in the public sector, but will consider those in other circumstances.

Your commitment

Protégés are expected to commit up to six months with a single coach that could include:

  • Periodic informal meetings with your coach.
  • Occasional phone calls or e-mails with your coach.
  • An agreement between you and your coach on what you are committing to.

Protégés are also expected to participate in program evaluations. 

How to be a good protégé

Being a good protégé mainly means being true to the commitment you have made. When you meet, come prepared to discuss specific issues in order to make your meetings productive, be open to ideas and even criticism, and don't hesitate to thank your coach for the time he or she has given you.

We also recommend that you keep your current supervisor apprised of your activities and how the coaching relationship is going.