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Be a Coach

Currently, the Managers Coaching Program is not accepting new coaches or protégé applications. If you want to add your name to the list of coaches or protégés please contact Georgia Nesselrode. Names on the list will be notified when the coaching program starts again.

Coaching is an opportunity to not only help a protégé advance his or her skills and career, but a chance to for you to explore issues more in depth, help expand the profession, and get the personal satisfaction of helping someone else.

Who should be a coach?

We're looking for experienced city and county managers, assistants and senior department heads who would like to share their experiences with protégés in the public sector management field.

Your commitment

We ask for a commitment of up to six months with a single protégé that could include:

  • Periodic informal meetings with your protégé.
  • Occasional phone calls or e-mails with your protégé.
  • An agreement between you and your protégé on your committments.

MARC will check with the coach prior to a match being made. There will also be an orientation session for coaches. 

Once or twice a year, MARC will convene coaches to discuss their experiences and how the program can be improved. MARC staff will check in with coaches every so often and will be available at any time for coaches or protégés.

How to be a good coach

Being a good coach is not hard it just means being true to your commitment, being open and supportive with the protégé, and always considering the relationship as the professional one that it is. You are not expected to have all the answers, just help a fellow professional discuss and assess the potential answers.

Ready to sign up?

If you would like to be a coach, please e-mail your resume to Georgia Nesselrode. In the cover letter or e-mail message, mention topics that you are most qualified to address and have an interest in.