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The city/county managers from the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Jackson County, Missouri, Johnson County, Kansas and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas began meeting in 2010 as the Kansas City Metropolitan Executive Leadership Exchange. In 2012, the CORE4 initiative began to conduct biannual Colloquium work sessions, inviting department directors and other key staff to discuss topics of common concern.

Topics that have been addressed in the past include: vulnerable/at risk population; reciprocity and taxation; legislative coordination; and EMS and emergency management. The more recent topics that are under discussion are: career development – recruitment activities and strategies on how to retain talent for hard-to-fill positions; hosting future collaborative parks and recreation events; regional technology to share data; economic development; performance data. The primary goal of these work sessions has been to identify specific projects that groups can pursue over the course of a year’s time, with the expectation that tangible step will be taken to accomplish the projects through collaboration among the participating four agencies.

MARC staff has participated in the Colloquium work sessions, as well as facilitated group discussions for the last few years. David Warm, MARC Executive Director, has hosted the CORE4 leadership meetings to assist in moving the initiative forward. The leadership of CORE4 has asked Mid-America Regional Council to provide dedicated staff support for project management, event logistics and coordination of eight sub-committee activities.

View the 2015 Year End Report. A list of work groups and the lead staff are listed below.

Workgroup Topic
CORE4 Staff Lead MARC Staff Facilitators Goal of Workgroup
Economic Development/ Economic Resiliency
Johnny Sweeney
Jackson County Economic Development Director
Frank Lenk
Research Services Director
816. 701.8237
Develop a consistent cost-benefit model to determine the anticipated economic impact for projects seeking incentives and to evaluate the economic impact of projects during and after the incentive period.
Human Resources/ Career Development
Gordon Criswell
Unified Government, Asst. County Manager
Georgia Nesselrode
Local Government Services Director
Host the Youth Career Expo in 2017 and develop recruitment and retention strategies for hard to fill positions in the public sector.
Human Services/ Vulnerable Populations
Maury Thompson
Johnson Co. Asst. Co. Manager
Jason Bohn
MARC Homelessness Project Manager
Explore avenues to combine efforts with: the Nutrition Incentive Program; the Family Conservancy to advance the campaign "Talk Read Play;" and address the growing concern over the abuse of opiates and heroin in the metro area.
Information Technology
Mary J. Miller
Georgia Nesselrode
Local Government Services Director
Develop the capacity for CORE4 databases to talk to each other by focusing on specific information needed, such as sharing information on tax delinquencies, procurement contract status, code violators or employment openings; and developing this capacity in way that can expand to include other information sharing needs among the CORE4 governments.
Sherri McIntyre
KCMO Assistant City Manager

Penny Postoak Ferguson
Johnson County Deputy County Manager
Tom Jacobs
Environment Programs Director
Conduct a water, wastewater and stormwater integrated planning initiative.
Parks & Recreation
Jill Geller
Johnson County Parks & Recreation District Executive Director
Marlene Nagel
Community Development Director
Coordinate efforts to attract and support regional events/ tournaments to efficiently use park and recreation resources across the metro area and generate revenue for local parks and recreation departments and communities through tourism.
Public Safety
Mike Schumacher
KCMO Assistant City Manager
Adam Geffert
MARC Public Safety Administrative Manager
Coordinate of applications using KC Scout's dedicated fiber for public safety use. Shared services will be explored, along with regional dispatch applications.
Data and Performance
Kate Bender, KCMO Performance Analyst

Susan Maier, Johnson County Senior Management Analyst
Georgia Nesselrode
Local Government Services Director
Explore the possibilities of a regional comparative data analysis, as well as a regional scorecard/ dashboard, using public data to identify trends, best practices, etc.