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Helping you meet the challenges facing local governments today

NEW: Leadership Labs

The role of a local government manager continues to evolve. Changes in technologies, funding, human capital and community needs require an ability to address challenges as opportunities, and develop a proactive approach to complex issues.

MARC, with the help of nationally recognized thought leaders, has developed Leadership Labs to help local government managers think creatively, rise to the occasion, and create a high-performance organization. This new initiative provides a collaborative space for public sector leaders to observe, experiment, analyze and innovate, while addressing contemporary trends and exploring leading practices. Learn more»

Strong, effective leadership is one of the most valuable tools for your organization. This program provides a forum for local government leaders to learn from each other and discuss contemporary challenges and innovative practices in local government. We continue to update the curriculum to address regional and national trends.

We know that local government executives, directors and managers have busy schedules. This program is designed to be cost-effective and efficient, providing participants with an opportunity to assess their leadership skills and come away more prepared to address the needs of citizens, elected officials and local government staff.

Our instructors lead participants through a series of discussions that address the core themes of building leadership capacity, responding to significant issues in local government, exploring governing body and staff relations, and community building. A key part of the curriculum is the Strength Deployment Inventory, a self-assessment instrument used to help leaders understand how they adapt to conflict and learn a framework to discern others’ strengths. This increased understanding will lead to more effective strategies when working with others.

Audience - Who Should Attend?

  • City and County Administrators
  • Assistant and Deputy Administrators
  • Department Directors
  • Division Managers
  • Other Key Executives

Topics for the Leadership Essentials

Contemporary Trends
Our opening session encourages you to think broadly about your working environment — the fabulous, the adequate and the areas that need improvement. As a group we will identify common trends and challenges. How do these trends affect your work, your departments and your local government, and where could they potentially lead us in the future?

Governing Bodies and Staff in Partnership
Governing bodies and staff play an important role in building and maintaining a sense of community. In this session we will identify the values that tie a community together. While these values are an important part of the public policy making process, governing bodies and city/county staff may view them from very different perspectives. Exploring these differences will help you open the door to stronger partnerships between staff and council.

Leadership Styles and Effective Teamwork
Have you ever wondered why you have difficulty working with a particular individual - such as one council member or a certain employee? Do you chalk it up to personality differences and just try to get along? There is another way. This session uses the self-assessment instrument, “The Strength Deployment Inventory,” to help you discover the strengths you use when things are going well and to realize how they change during conflict situations. You will also learn a conceptual framework to help you “figure out” another person and what their strengths might be. This increased understanding of what motivates people to act as they do will lead to more effective strategies in working with them. You will gain insights not only about yourself as a leader but also how others are similar and different from you.

For complete details about the academy, email Jonathan Morris or call 816-701-8306.