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Green Purchasing


Eco-labels are an important way to make sure the products you buy are really green. MARC is providing access to some of these labels, evaluation of the labels, and ideas for how to use them. More info»

Local governments have become a leading front in efforts to preserve our natural environment, reduce energy use, and protect our climate. They are looking for ways to reduce energy use, reduce their carbon footprint, and preserve natural spaces and resources. A key component of any green strategy is purchasing the right products and services. This page is dedicated to helping local governments meet their green goals.

The green purchasing initiative is a collaborative effort of local governments, the Mid America Council of Public Purchasing, the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative, and MARC. The initiative is an informal coalition of these organizations and has identified seven objectives:

  1. Develop a green purchasing vendors fair.
  2. Develop a model green purchasing model ordinance.
  3. Create a single website with resources, information, and meeting notices. This is the central clearinghouse and resource center.
  4. Work to identify commodities for a cooperative bid.
  5. Place local government green contracts in the online contract database. This database can be searched by the green category. If you have such contracts contact Rita Parker.
  6. Work to identify standards, such as Energy Star and Green Seal, so local governments can easily tell what is really green.
  7. Develop an education program to share this information.


Local government green purchasing:

Green purchasing policies and ordinances:

National, state and regional association green purchasing:

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