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KCRPC Database

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The database contains purchase contracts developed by the KCRPC or local government jurisdictions.

The KCRPC Contract Database contains information on the commodity covered by the contract, the term of the contract, vendor information, and copies of the contract and bid documents, including pricing. The database is sorted by commodity.

Any member organization of the KCRPC is allowed to use a contract with the same terms and conditions, often called "piggybacking." Piggyback contracts can save your agency time and money, and they often provide lower prices than a single jurisdiction would be able to obtain. If you use a piggyback contract, please let us know.

Members must identify the contract title and bid number they are using when placing orders to ensure they receive the correct contract pricing. This applies to all MARC/KCRPC contracts, as well as contracts from other jurisdictions.

The KCRPC also encourages local governments to include cooperative purchasing language in their bids and contracts.


There is no additional cost for using a contract generated by another jurisdiction. A small administrative fee is charged for using a KCRPC contract.

Adding to the database

The KCRPC encourages you to share your piggyback contracts by sending pertinent contract information to Rita Parker to be added to the database.

Houston-Galveston Area Council Contract Database

The KCRPC is also affiliated with the Houston-Galveston Area Council's (H-GAC) cooperative buying program HGACBuy. HGACBuy has a database of contracts available to our local governments, often at a savings over local bids. More»