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Stream Setback Ordinances

Where does a stream setback ordinance fit into the “Big Picture” of local government?

Stream setbacks and buffers meet many community needs and address many issues beyond stormwater management, reducing liability and protecting our citizens, and improving the quality of life in our community.

Local Setback Ordinances:

  1. EPA Model Ordinance
  2. Overland Park
  3. Lenexa
  4. Platte County

Case Study: Independence, Mo.

Over the past few years, the city of Independence has worked to adopt and implement a stream buffer ordinance. As part of the effort, the city used funding available from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to create the two new stormwater tools listed below. These tools helped the city educate staff, local area developers, stormwater professionals and residents about the new regulations and provided a roadmap for riparian corridor management planning.

Tool Kit for Implementing Stream Buffer and Setback Regulations

This tool kit educates municipalities interested in adopting or modifying a stream buffer ordinance, provides guidance for preserving natural resources in stream corridors, and describes experiences and lessons learned from Independence and others. Links are in PDF format.

  1. Construction inspection checklist
  2. Plan submittal checklist
  3. Post-construction checklist
  4. Developer questionaire
  5. Sample buffer plan (1.9MB PDF)

Stream Corridor Protection and Adaptive Management Manual

The Stream Corridor Protection and Adaptive Management Manual (1MB PDF)

  • Provides guidance for corridor maintenance and management in all settings, regardless of ownership.
  • Prescribes short and long-term planning strategies for conservation and restoration of riparian corridors.
  • Helps city staff and citizens understand the importance of stream corridors.
  • Provides education on how streams function.

Other Resources: