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Regional Watershed Management Tools

APWA stormwater standards

New design criteria for stormwater facilities reflect technical advances in the field, and the increased value placed on protecting the region's streams and stream corridors. New criteria include minimum stream buffers and the inclusion of new energy management and sediment transport standards to minimize impacts on streams.

Key modifications to the previous standards include an updated hydrology section that reflects current practices and research in the metropolitan area; and a design flowchart defining how stormwater is to be managed from a watershed-based systems perspective.

Stormwater standards manual (APWA 5600, 3.2MB pdf)


Erosion/sediment-control standards and specifications

Sediment is a leading pollutant of urban streams, and new local, state and federal regulations require the use of adequate erosion and sediment-control (ESC) measures. This comprehensive tool provides new uniform engineering standards, specifications and performance-based design criteria for land-disturbance activities.

To facilitate better use, standard designs were developed to show how these standards might be applied in various construction scenarios.

This project also created a compact reference handbook that construction inspectors can take into the field to verify compliance.