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NRI Overview

LandCover, Ecosystem Services (AirQ, Slope, and Prioritication and

What if…

…each of us understood the environment and natural resources around us  — in the state, city and neighborhood where we live?

…communities saved money by investing in public policy that protects and restores the ecosystems that provide clean air, water and energy?

…quality and distribution of natural resources were part of the development equation, as well as economics?

Greater Kansas City has a new tool to help municipalities evaluate policy, land use and development decisions in ways that reflect the unique environment of each community in our region. The Natural Resource Inventory provides accessible information in multiple formats that can be easily incorporated into community and development plans, leading to more informed decisions. Download GIS files or browse maps and layers using our Green Region Explorer, an interactive map of land cover data in the nine-county Greater Kansas City region.


For technical questions, contact Andrea Repinsky, GIS planner, 816-701-8385.
For general information, contact Tom Jacobs, environmental programs director, 816-701-8352.


This initiative was funded by grants from the HUD Sustainable Communities Program and the EPA Wetlands Program Development Grant Program.

The Natural Resource Inventory data and ecosystem service valuation analysis
were developed by MARC with assistance from:

Applied Ecological Services, the Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information and The Conservation FundVireo provided support for community outreach and education.