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Benefits of Trees

The urban forest improves air quality by:

  • Reducing air temperature
  • Directly removing air pollutants
  • Reducing energy consumption in buildings (power source emissions)

Increasing tree cover reduces stormwater flow from both pervious and impervious areas.

Trees help conserve energy by shading buildings, providing evaporative cooling, and blocking winter winds.

Trees in Kansas City remove about 1 million tons of carbon per year (valued at $20.7 million) in addition to storing 19.9 million tons of carbon (valued at $411 million).

Tree coverage helps reduce total suspended solids found in streamways by natural filtration and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by sequestering carbon in new growth every year.

Increasing tree cover by just 10% would:

  • Remove 1 million more tons of air pollution/year
  • Remove 3.1 million tons more VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions/year
  • Sequester 9.4 million more tons of carbon/year