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Solar Permit Application & Checklist

This Photovoltaic System Application and Checklist may be used by any jurisdiction in the Kansas City area as a standardized document to be used by those seeking a solar system permit for residential or commercial photovoltaic systems under 15kW.
The Application and Checklist clarifies the permitting steps for small solar systems and details the information and documentation that is required in the permit application. This template is the result of several months of research and feedback from Solar Ready II stakeholders, and is based on the Solar America Board of Codes and Standards’ (Solar ABCs) Expedited Permit Process for PV Systems. 

Using this document will promote a standardized permit process for small solar systems both within and across metro area jurisdictions, and will help jurisdictions clarify and streamline the permitting process and facilitate the installation of solar.
While the Application and Checklist can be used as is, cities and counties may customize the Word version by adding their logo or making minor text modifications to align the document with their permitting needs.