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Solar Ready Community Recognition Program

Has your city or county taken steps to become Solar Ready? The Mid-America Regional Council's Solar Ready II program wants to recognize you as a Solar Ready Community.
The Solar Ready Community Recognition Program designates Kansas City area jurisdictions that have implemented solar Best Management Practices (BMPs) and taken other actions that promote and facilitate solar installation. This recognition program awards Bronze, Silver and Gold-level Solar Ready Community status to qualifying jurisdictions, based on the number of actions taken. 
Since 2012, the Kansas City region has received two Rooftop Solar Challenge awards from the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. The goal of the Rooftop Solar Challenge is to reduce solar “soft costs,” e.g., permitting and processing with the local jurisdiction, fees with the local jurisdiction, customer acquisition, financing and other non-hardware costs. 
Solar Ready Community recognition shows that your jurisdiction is looking to the future, preparing better energy solutions for residents and businesses. Solar Ready Communities will receive a certificate stating the level they’ve achieved, and assistance with materials for newsletters and press releases to share the news with constituents and partners.

The following 12 communities in the Greater Kansas City area have been designated Solar Ready Communities:

Levels of Recognition

There are three levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Using the application form, please check and/or fill in the BMPs and other actions your jurisdiction has taken. 

Bronze — To attain Bronze-level recognition, a jurisdiction must implement the following two BMPs:

  • PL 1-A, Address Solar in the Zoning Code 
  • PL 3-A, Develop Solar Ready Guidelines

Silver — To attain Silver-level recognition, a jurisdiction must meet the criteria for Bronze-level recognition, plus implement at least two additional BMPs — or one additional BMP and one other action:

  • PR 1-B, Create a Permit Checklist OR PR 1-C, Provide a Central Information Source 
  • Another action or BMP

Gold — To attain Gold-level recognition, a jurisdiction must meet the criteria for Silver-level recognition, plus implement at least two additional BMPs and/or other actions.

  • Another action or BMP
  • Another action or BMP

To apply

Fill out this application form.
Use any of the following options to submit your application form:
  • Email Laura Machala at
  • Mail to Mid-America Regional Council, Attn: Laura Machala, 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105.
  • Deliver in person to MARC, to the attention of Laura Machala, at the above address.