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Missouri Clean-Up MO Project

Organization name: Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
Project manager: Doug Norsby
Address: 600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64105-1659
Phone: 816-701-8259
Fax: 816-421-7758


Project budget

The total budget for this project was $542,713. Of this amount, $324,725 was allocated by the Department of Natural Resources and $217,988 was mandatory cost share that was provided by partners included in this project.

Project period

Sept. 1, 2011, through Nov. 30, 2014


Through this project, 72 school buses were retrofitted with fuel-operated heaters (FOHs) and 57 of those buses were retrofitted with closed crankcase ventilation (CCV). In addition, one older school bus was replaced with a new school bus meeting 2010 EPA emission standards. The older bus was rendered permanently disabled, maximizing the emission reductions of the project. The project also included installing a total of five shore power idle reduction systems at two different rail yards and equipping seven locomotives with hardware so that they could plug into the shore power systems.

School bus retrofits

Three school districts installed a combination of fuel-operated heaters (FOHs) and closed crankcase ventilations systems (CCVs). FOHs allow engine coolant and the interior of the school buses to be heated without unnecessarily idling the buses. Using of automated timers, these FOHs enabled the school districts to reduce fuel consumption, produce fewer emissions, decrease maintenance costs, and use driver and shop labor more efficiently. CCVs capture emissions from the engine crankcase — which are normally vented directly to the atmosphere — and reroutes them into the air intake on the engine. The FOHs and CCVs were purchased through contracts awarded under a competitive bid processes conducted by the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative. Only manufacturers and vendors with FOHs listed on the EPA-verified Idle Reduction Technology list were allowed to bid for the contracts. CCVs installed as part of this project were required to be Donaldson Spiracles brand to comply with the EPA-verified Idle Reduction Technology list which establishes their complementary status with existing Donaldson DOCs installed in a past retrofit project.

School bus replacement

Lee’s Summit School District purchased a new school bus as a replacement for an older bus with outdated emissions controls. The older school bus was subsequently destroyed as required by the grant. Bids for the new bus were taken from manufacturers or vendors of school buses with EPA-certified engines that met 2010 EPA emission standards. After meeting the grant requirements on specification, the final choice for the contract was made through a matrix of cost, options, quality, reliability and warranty information through a competitive bid process, also in compliance with grant conditions. This project was completed Nov. 29, 2011.

Shore Power System for locomotives

Norfolk Southern Railway Company installed infrastructure and equipment to support a shore power idle reduction system at two rail yards which allows five locomotives to maintain electrical system power without idling. Seven locomotives were also equipped with the hardware which provides the ability to connect to these five spaces. This project enables workers to cycle locomotives through active operation and standby modes as necessary for daily operation while minimizing idling. Only manufacturers/vendors with Shore Power Systems listed on the EPA’s verified idle reduction technology list were allowed to bid for those elements of the contract.