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2017 Outstanding Performance Awards

To nominate an individual or team, please submit a nomination form and attach a detailed, comprehensive summary of the specific incident that you feel demonstrates outstanding performance. Supporting documentation — news article, police report, audio from the call or radio transmission, etc. — is strongly encouraged. The selection committee assigns a score to each nomination based solely on the information you provide, so it is important that you submit complete and thorough information about the telecommunicator(s), the performance and the incident. Nominations can be submitted throughout year. All nominations for the 2017 awards must be received by Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.

Any telecommunicator can submit a nomination; however, the form must be signed by the head of the nominating agency (e.g. police chief, fire chief, director).

Everyday Hero
Nominees demonstrate daily their commitment to the 9-1-1 profession. A qualifying nominee:

  • Displays an attitude of caring towards peers and citizens.
  • Demonstrates adaptability to new ideas.
  • Maintains composure under stressful and extreme situations.
  • Performs above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Contributes to the overall improvement and success of his/her PSAP.
  • Provides quality service consistently and without bias.
  • Works as a member of the team and is a resource for others.
  • Displays exceptional courage, foresight, faithfulness and perseverance in the highest tradition of public safety service.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the community and the role the PSAP has in delivering service to it.

A maximum of three awards in this category will be given with no more than one per PSAP.
Outstanding Individual Performance in a Critical Incident
A qualifying nominee must have demonstrated an extraordinary performance beyond the average or normal activity level. The nominee must have successfully handled an event that challenged the everyday resources of the agency and/or rapidly escalated while doing one or more of the following:

  • Maintaining a calm and controlled presence of mind.
  • Demonstrating innovative or quick thinking.
  • Demonstrating exceptional multi-tasking skills during the event.
  • Displaying intuition and anticipating the needs of the units.
  • Displaying an understanding of the event and the impact on both responding units and citizens.
  • Continuing to provide excellent customer service to both field units and citizens.

Outstanding Team Performance in a Critical Incident
Nominees must have demonstrated an extraordinary team performance during an incident impacting the safety of the department and/or community. A qualifying team must have:

  • Consisted of two or more telecommunicators that were directly involved with either dispatching, call interviewing, fulfilling requests for the incident, or supervising.
  • Demonstrated a calm, mature presence both on the radio and in the communications center.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the incident and what resources were necessary to successfully resolve it.
  • Continued to provide excellent customer service.

Outstanding PSAP Leader
Nominees must be responsible for the daily shift operations of a PSAP. A qualifying nominee:

  • Is a PSAP supervisor or manager.
  • Demonstrates the highest level of commitment to the employees at his/her agency.
  • Exhibits integrity, fairness and strong leadership skills.
  • Coaches and encourages the skills and abilities that help each dispatcher/call-taker achieve his/her personal best.
  • Enhances the operation and morale of his/her PSAP.
  • Maintains a positive rapport with others in the MARC Regional Public Safety Program.
  • Demonstrates adaptability while maintaining control in difficult situations.
  • Leads by example.
  • Demonstrates initiative and creativity in the enforcement and implementation of policies/procedures/training/new programs.

Outstanding Training Performance
Nominees must have demonstrated consistent skill, ability and willingness to train calltakers and dispatchers to perform their jobs in an exceptional manner. Nominee must be a dispatcher or calltaker themselves, though not necessarily a trainer in any official capacity. A qualifying nominee:

  • Plans, develops, schedules and conducts on the job and/or classroom training for 9-1-1 and public safety communications calltakers and dispatchers.
  • Evaluates trainees’ skills and job performance.
  • Consistently demonstrates an ability and willingness to be the “go-to” trainer for new employees in the dispatch center.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Nominations must be submitted by the head of the agency
(i.e. chief, director, CEO or mayor). Please include an expected retirement date. A qualifying nominee:
Has worked in public safety communications for at least 25 years (could be with multiple agencies).

  • Always demonstrates professionalism and takes pride in his or her work.
  • Has earned and maintained the respect of his or her co-workers and representatives of other regional agencies.
  • Maintains composure under stressful and extreme situations.
  • Has a history of performing above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Continually contributes to the overall improvement and success of his/her PSAP.
  • Provides quality service consistently and without bias.
  • Has demonstrated flexibility and has adapted well to the advancements and changes in public safety communications.
  • Consistently displays courage, foresight, faithfulness and perseverance in the highest tradition of public safety service.

All nominees must still be employed by the agency or another agency in the MARC region or must have retired/resigned in good standing. 

PDF nomination form
PDF award criteria information

Questions? Contact Adam Geffert, public safety administrative manager, at 816-701-8221.