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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the regional public safety communications program is to maintain, enhance and coordinate the 9-1-1 system as the primary means of access for those in the region who need emergency public safety services and to enhance the ability of public safety personnel and emergency responders to effectively communicate through all phases of emergency incidents and planned events.

Our Vision

  • Provide citizens and public safety professionals with a high-quality, financially secure and well-maintained system of 9-1-1, interoperable radio and data communication services.
  • Serve as a model of excellence, ensuring any person needing access to emergency services is able to immediately reach assistance to facilitate a quick response.
  • Provide all public safety professionals with a baseline for seamless voice and data communications to ensure an effective public safety response.
  • Educate the public, elected officials and public safety professionals about the services provided and the needs to support it.

For more information about the Regional Public Safety Communications Program, call 816/701-8330 or email