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Vulnerable Populations

The following groups were defined as vulnerable for the purposes of this project only: people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, limited english proficiency, children, older adults, isolated populations (geographically/culturally/socially). We realize there are more vulnerable populations than are represented in this project.

The Kansas City region is home to about 1.95 million people. Approximately 220,893 of these people have at least one disability, with many having more than one. By disability type, there are:
  • 63,557 people with a hearing disability.
  • 35,698 with a vision disability.
  • 84,837 with a cognitive disability.
  • 113,953 with an ambulatory disability.
  • 39,800 with a self-care disability.
  • 75,127 with an independent living disability.
Additionally, there are 73,231 people with limited English proficiency, 242,463 living at or below the federal poverty level, and 493,440 children under the age of 18.

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