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Personal Preparedness Inventory

Do you have children? Are you a senior? Do you or anyone in your family have a disability of any type? Do you need assistance with daily activities or transportation? Do you take medication or use any type of equipment to assist you? Do you have a service animal or a pet?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is doubly important for you to take steps ahead of time to prepare for disasters of all kinds. The website above can help provide you with resources to help you get started with creating your basic emergency kit and in developing your emergency plan for your household. 

In addition to standard emergency supplies, you may require additional resources to meet your specific needs. Extra consideration must be given to include these additional resources into your emergency preparedness efforts. This booklet is meant to help you 1) assess the additional resources you need the most; 2) gather important information about those resources; and 3) identify possible alternative sources.

Download and print the booklet to get started with your inventory»