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Strengthening disaster preparedness and community resilience by planning for — and with — vulnerable populations

Community resilience is a measure of the sustained ability of a community to use available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations.

Community Service Providers have a critical role on a daily basis to serve those most vulnerable in our community. What would happen if they were impacted by disaster and unavailable to provide services?
Potential impacts of a portion of a tornado similar to Joplin's in the Kansas City Region
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Community Resilience Project Outcomes

Our Community Disaster Resiliency effort focused on four specific outcomes to strengthen and support preparedness among service providers and encourage greater personal preparedness for individuals:
  • Conduct a comprehensive, inclusive planning process that engages the community in minimizing the impacts of disaster on vulnerable populations by identifying and understanding their needs; evaluating effective emergency preparedness practices; and helping to ensure emergency preparedness, response and recovery programs are accessible to all people.
  • Identified Community Service Provider agencies and connected them with each other and local emergency management.
  • ƒƒHelp service providers increase their capacity to continue to serve their clients following a disaster.
  • ƒƒIncrease the ability of vulnerable individuals to get involved in disaster preparedness and take appropriate recommended actions to increase their own preparedness. Personal Preparedness Inventory Tool»

The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee and the Regional Homeland Security Committee have long championed efforts to enhance community resiliency in Greater Kansas City, with a particular focus on the needs of vulnerable populations in emergencies.