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Kyle Burns, Overland Park Emergency Management

Jennifer Fales, Kansas City Missouri Emergency Management

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Lisa Elsas, 816/701-8392

The mission of the Citizen Education Subcommittee is to promote and support local programs that facilitate critical all-hazards education, information and training opportunities for the citizens of the Kansas City Metropolitan Region to strengthen the whole of community state of readiness in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

PrepareMetroKC Website

The MEMC's primary tool for outreach and education is its disaster preparedness website, This site contains a wide range of information to help people know the risks, prepare an emergency supply kit and make an emergency plan.

Pillar of Preparedness

The Metropolitan Emergency Manager's Committee presented the Pillar of Preparedness award on April 9, 2015 to Ms. Pat Cundiff. The Pillar of Preparedness program was developed by the MEMC's Citizen Education Subcommittee to give public recognition to individuals and organizations that contribute in significant ways to the whole of community preparedness of the Kansas City region. Cundiff volunteers as the KC Regional Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) Chair and retired as vice-president of Direct Services for the United Way 2-1-1. "Pat's kind-hearted willingness to freely share her knowledge and expertise is appreciated; her knowledge and skills were highly valuable during actual disasters such as organizing Hurricane Katrina evacuees and assisting with local flooding and tornado events," said Eric Ramsey, Clay County Emergency Management director, and MEMC vice-chair. 
Erin Lynch, MARC's Emergency Services and Homeland Security Program director, spoke of Pat's enduring contributions to preparedness, response and recovery in the Kansas city area, noting her service as the American Red Cross Voluntary Liaison coordinator during the 1998 midwest floods, a large disaster that covered a geographic area from mid-state Missouri to Hayes, Kansas. In that role Pat recruited individual and group volunteers and matched them with the work needing to be done. That operation lasted from early July through the fall. Most recently Pat worked to assist those individuals affected by the Orrick tornado. Pat also was a founder of the states VOAD/ COAD program and helped to design and implement the spontaneous volunteer processing center after the events of September 11th.

The Citizen Education Subcommittee developed the Pillars of Preparedness program to give public recognition to individuals and organizations that contribute in significant ways to the whole of community preparedness of the Kansas City Region. Visit the Pillar of Preparedness page for more information»


The Citizen Education Committee has prepared Go-Kits to help partner agencies in the region distribrute educational materials at community events. Each kit includes a cart with wheels, folding table and tablecloth, DVD player and "Disaster and Preparedness" videos on DVD, NOAA weather radio, the "Wheel of Misfortune," brochures and brochure holder, and promotional giveaways.

To reserve a Go-Kit or request publications, please use the following forms: