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Talent-to-Industry Exchanges

Talent-to-Industry Exchanges (TIEs) Improve the labor supply in key industry sectors, growing the human capital necessary to attract and retain companies in the Kansas City region. These public/private partnerships succeed by:
  • Bringing disparate groups together to solve workforce problems.

  • Harnessing the expertise of leaders in business, labor, education, economic development and other sectors.

  • Convening competitors within specific industries for greater economic impact.

Community Objectives

A RESOURCE... that defines labor demand, education and community assets, talent development gaps and provides strategies to meet specific regional needs.

A SYSTEM... where industry needs are systematically shared with educational institutions for the purpose of creating new education opportunities.

A WORKFORCE... with the skills and training needed by industry, and clearly defined career pathways for both degree and non-degree occupations.

Roles and Responsibilities


Association or group of leading businesses in a chosen industry to act as the co-convener and recruit exchange members.


  • Participate in discussions and verify findings.
  • Identify talent development gaps.
  • Develop impact strategies.


  • Verify findings from exchange process and probe for development of credentials.

Sector-Specific Deliverables

Labor Analysis
• Economic trends data
• Industry and occupation
• Career pathways

Education Asset Inventory
• Education capacity
• Education and training program offerings

Business Engagement
• Predictions on sector growth
• Job credentials and competencies
Action Plan
• Strategies to meet workforce needs
• A timeline for implementation
• Potential funding sources
• Policy recommendations
• An evaluation strategy
• A recommended strategy leader

Key Partners

Civic Council of Greater Kansas City
Kansas City Area Development Council
KC Rising
Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
Full Employment Council
Workforce Partnership
Mid-America Regional Council

Sheri Gonzales Warren, GradForce KC Program Director / Community and Economic Development
Mid-America Regional Council
600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105 | 816-701-8308