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Talent-to-Industry Exchanges


Talent-to-Industry Exchanges (TIEs) are replicable public/private partnerships that bring industry and education groups together to solve workforce challenges.

GradForce KC introduced the TIE concept in 2016. This strategy was put forward as a KC Rising pilot project to address the alignment of the region’s education pipeline with workforce needs in specific industries.

Several elements are critical to the success of TIEs:

  • They are industry led.
  • They are regional and comprehensive in approach, covering the full K-20 education continuum.
  • They are data driven and action oriented.

With guidance from the KC Rising Human Capital Oversight Committee, project partners outlined a process for each industry-specific TIE that includes:

  1. A detailed economic and labor analysis.
  2. An educational asset inventory.
  3. Business engagement through surveys and facilitated discussions.
  4. An action plan and timeline for implementation.

Life Sciences TIE

In February 2017, MARC published a detailed labor analysis for the Life Sciences TIE. The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, Inc. (KCALSI) served as the industry leader and co-convener to recruit industry participation in the TIE.

Life Sciences is a $9.2 billion industry in the Kansas City region, with 38,463 jobs. This sector includes companies engaged in research and development, manufacturing, and bioinformatics. MARC’s 2016 educational asset inventory found a total of 459 life science credentials available at 34 public, private and for-profit colleges and universities in the region.


Life Sciences TIE Labor Analysis
2016 Educational Asset Inventory

Upcoming TIEs

Building Trades TIE — Work is currently underway on the next TIE, which focuses on building trades. A labor analysis will be published in mid-2017.

KC Global Design TIE — A third TIE, also to be completed in 2017, will focus on the architecture and engineering industry sectors.

Key Partners

  • Civic Council of Greater Kansas City
  • Kansas City Area Development Council
  • KC Rising
  • Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
  • Full Employment Council
  • Workforce Partnership
  • Mid-America Regional Council

Sheri Gonzales Warren, Community and Economic Development Program Director
Mid-America Regional Council
600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105 | 816-701-8308