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Historical Census Data

Historical Census Data

Census Tract Maps

Population and Area History of the Kansas City Area Since 1830 (23k, updated 09/24/13)

A chart describing the growth of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area in population and area by county by decade from 1830 to 2010.

1980-1990 Census Tract Trends

Change in population, housing units, households and income in the region between 1980 and 1990, by census tract. $25.

1990 Census Reports

27 different profiles composed of census data (education, poverty, housing, etc.).

  • 11-county MSA, $25.
  • Single county, $25 (indicate county).
  • Single profile, specified market area, $2.
  • 27 profiles, specified market area, $50.

1990 Median Income and Racial Distribution

  • Eleven-county MSA by census tract, $50.
  • Single county, $10

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