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What is Metro Dataline?

Welcome to Metro Dataline!

Metro Dataline is managed by the Mid-America Regional Council as a service to the greater Kansas City community.

The vision of Metro Dataline is to provide quick and easy access to social and economic data and characteristics of the Kansas City region.

Information about our region is collected by numerous local, state and federal agencies. Metro Dataline puts the data into more accessible formats to increase compatibility of data and to make it more user-friendly for the average citizen or community organization. The data can therefore be more easily understood and acted upon.

Kansas City Skyline

We emphasize indicators that can be used to measure the progress of individual communities as well as the entire metropolitan area, including employment, education, income, crime, housing, births and deaths. More recently we have begun tracking "peer metros," 9 other metropolitan areas that offer some lessons for Kansas City.

Our hope is that by providing easy access to quality data, individuals, communities, businesses and governments can better learn from the past to create a more prosperous future for the entire Kansas City region.

Most data available on Metro Dataline is free. You may download and copy the data you find useful as often as you like, and you may reproduce it, provided appropriate source credit is given to MARC Research Services and any other entity quoted in the data set or report. Several reports and publications are available for purchase.

We continually improve this site by adding data sets, increasing geographic detail, improving ease of use and providing assistance for use of this site. Your input is welcome at any time. We appreciate your feedback, so please send your comments to