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GIS Spring Cleaning

City and county staff are invited to review and submit updates to core regional GIS datasets, now and on an annual schedule. Our goal is to maintain current, accessible data and to make streamlined, minimal, and regular data updates.

A few of the regional GIS datasets are created with local data. We have asked local government staff to review a limited list of datasets, such as bikeways and trails, parks, community facilities, vulnerable populations, and emergency responders.

Follow these links to more information on each dataset, and guidance on participation.
Benefits of regional GIS data:

1. Highlighting connections. Mapping resources at the local level allows local planners and citizens to look beyond their boundaries for opportunities to establish regional connections.

2. Standardizing data. Local data can be standardized into a single format that is easy to share and use across boundaries.

3. Providing data development assistance. Access to regional GIS data is beneficial to communities of all sizes, especially those with limited staff and resources.

4. Filling data gaps. By consolidating regional data, MARC can identify where gaps existing in current plans and data.

5. Making data available to all. Transportation, environmental, land use and other data are available for anyone to access easily.    

Contact MARC GIS staff at or 816/701-8385 for more information. Suggestions on how the data update process can make your participation easier are welcome. Let us know!