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Indicators and measurements tell the story about what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed. As part of the Creating Sustainable Places initiative, MARC created a new, interactive website with indicators that can be used to track the region’s progress towards becoming more sustainable and help quantify whether or not our actions are truly creating a vibrant, connected and green region.
Indicators give everyone from policymakers to the public a common foundation to identify, understand and act on community issues. They help decision makers go beyond anecdotal evidence and answer questions: Are we growing in a way that is:
• Saving us money?
• Creating a stronger economy?
• Preserving and enhancing the environment?
• Fostering a healthier population?
• Promoting stable, enduring neighborhoods?
• Expanding access to jobs, education, and affordable housing?
• Proving more housing and transportation choices?
• Ensuring a thriving future?
Beta versions of the Indicators site and a companion Sustainable Codes Framework site are online at