Skycast X

Net Migration by Age

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2013 American Community Survey 1-Year

Date: 12-18-2014

Geography: Kansas City MSA

Topics: Migration, Aging

Purpose:  Identify changes in net migration by age group.

Each year, the U.S. Census Bureau tracks population migration — that is, the number of people moving from one area to another within the United States. In 2013, census data shows that the Kansas City metro had a net migration gain, with 1,316 more people moving into the metro than leaving.

Breaking down the data by age shows some substantial differences in the migration pattern. We saw a sharp net outmigration among those aged 18-19, losing almost 7,000 residents. This is undoubtedly because more students in this age group leave the area for college. (Remember, colleges and universities that we may think of as “local” — like KU, MU, K-State and UCM — actually fall outside our Kansas City metropolitan statistical area.)

Migration turns positive again for people in their twenties. We also see a net inflow of older residents (65+), although the 70-74 age group has a slight net decline.

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