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Community Health Worker Conference

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Community Health Workers, health care providers and payers and other stakeholders met for a one-day conference to introduce health care providers and payers to the benefits of working with Community Health Workers (CHWs).

In the changing health care environment, reimbursement is increasingly linked to the quality and value of care. As such, providers and payers of health care services are exploring new ways to improve the delivery of care. 
The keynote address was be presented by Shreya Kangovi, M.D., MSHP, the founding executive director of the Penn Center for Community Health Workers and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelmann School of Medicine.
There were two panel discussions, a Health Care Provider Panel and a Health Payer Panel, which included regionally and nationally recognized experts in both fields.

Health Care Provider Panel
This panel examined the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) from the health care provider perspective. The panel will examine the CHW role in a health care setting, and as an integral component helping health care providers meet their goals to improve satisfaction and quality of care, improve health outcomes and reduce cost. Panelists will discuss how CHWs are integrated into their practices, what services they provide, outcomes they have seen from their CHW efforts and strategies for sustaining the role within a health care organization.
Health Payer Panel
This panel examined why these organizations adopted CHW efforts, how CHWs are integrated into the operations of organizations that pay for health care services, and how CHWs help these organizations meet their goals to improve health outcomes and reduce cost. The panelists will discuss their unique CHW efforts, outcomes observed, and strategies for sustainability.

This conference is funded by the 
Health Care Foundation of Greater 
Kansas City and Humana, and supported by the KC Regional CHW Collaborative at the Mid-America Regional Council.