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KCDC Report: Top Causes of Death in the Metro
The Kansas City Data Collective (KCDC) recently completed an analysis of available data on leading causes of death, both for the Kansas City region and for individual jurisdictions. Participating cities and counties compiled death-related data from the Missouri Information for Community Assessment system (MICA) and Kansas Information for Communities (KIC) for the years from 2007 to 2011. For the metro area, the top three causes of death in order are cancer, heart disease, and chronic lower respiratory disease. In addition to causes of death, the analysis also compares death rates per 100,000 population. Death rates differ by county, gender and race/ethnicity. A better understanding of these variations and the factors behind them could lead to improved health outcomes.  

About the Kansas City Data Collective


The Kansas City Data Collective (KCDC) will use available data to provide regional and local health information to the community and identify gaps in existing data sources and work to fill these gaps by producing (collecting, analyzing, and interpreting) missing/necessary population-based data for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, which consists of Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte counties in Kansas; Platte, Clay, Cass, Jackson, and Ray counties in Missouri; and the cities of Independence and Kansas City, Missouri.


KCDC will become a regional leader in disseminating health data that is easy to use and translatable into improved health at both the local and regional levels. KCDC will seek to be involved in the improvement processes of current data use systems, advocating for data consistency and functionality for the user. KCDC will provide information on data use, interpretation, and quality to users of KCDC data. KCDC will collaborate on data use projects with other local and regional organizations. Additionally, KCDC will assess trending needs for workforce development.

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Co-Chair: Ximena Ilabaca-Somoza, MD, MPH, Section Chief, Health Policy and Planning,

Co-Chair: Dee Vernberg, Analyst, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department,