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Age Positive Conference

2017 Age Positive Conference - April 18

On April 18, nearly 200 professionals and volunteers who work with older adults attended Age Positive 2017: Ideas for an Age-Friendly Future.

The conference offered innovative ideas to help enhance and develop new programs for older adults. Hosted by a partnership of regional organizations, this event was held at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Conference agenda
  • Presenter bios and contact information
  • Workshop presentations / materials:
    • The Best of the Best - North, South, East, West (POWERPOINT)
    • Capturing the Energy and Expertise of Boomers
    • Creative Aging Movement: Model Programs, Community Partnerships and Brain Health Research
    • Lifelong Learning Panel — Exemplary Programs in the Kansas City region
    • Restoring Balance, Flixibility, Muscle Mass and Physical Vitality through "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" and "A Matter of Balance" Programs (POWERPOINT | HANDOUT 1 | HANDOUT 2 | HANDOUT 3)
    • Surviving Change
    • Bridging the Gap: Managing Multiple Generations in teh Workplace (POWERPOINT)
    • Bringing Arthritis Relief to our Community: "Enhance Fitness" at the YMCA - an Evidence-Based Therapeutic Arthritis Program (POWERPOINT)
    • Community Health Worker: A Trusted Person and Advocate that Makes the Difference in Extending Support to Individuals, Families, and Communities (POWERPOINT)
    • Connecting to the Land of Dementia: Surprising Ways to Incorporate Meaningful Activities
    • Elder Abuse: Creating a Community Response (POWERPOINT)
    • Lifelong Kindergarten - the Joy and Wonder of Digital Literacy for Seniors (POWERPOINT)
    • Alzheimer's Treatment and Prevention - What We Know and Where We Are Headed POWERPOINT
    • Working with Difficult People
    • Luncheon Keynote speech by Kathy Greenlee — “Dignity”
    • Alzheimer’s Treatment and Prevention Program: What We Know and Where We Are Headed
    • Beyond Entertainment: Making Music A Meaningful Part of Healthy Aging
    • The Cost of Caring for Others: An Evidence-based Look at the Science of Self-care for Caregivers and Professionals (POWERPOINT)
    • Death is Not Optional: Pease of Mind is - how "Having The Converation" Can Make All the Difference (POWERPOINT  |  HANDOUT)
    • Improving Diabetes-Related Outcomes Where Adults Live, Work and Play
    • Leading The Way for Your Team: Creating a Winning Culture for Your Department (POWERPOINT)
    • Leading The Way for Your Team: Creating a Winning Culture for Your Department
    • Together Everyone Achieves More (POWERPOINT | HANDOUT)
    • Closing remarks by NOvella Perrin: "Celebrating Ourselves"