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Branding Toolkit

First Suburbs Coalition member cities and partners may use any of the following tools to further the work of the coalition and projects within their own communities.

For more information, or to suggest additional items that would be useful, please contact Georgia Nesselrode.

First Suburbs logo:

  • logoZip file with high-resolution TIF files (color and black and white) to insert in printed documents, and original EPS artwork for graphic designers

Short description for use in newsletters or on websites:

Modify as needed to highlight your community.

"First suburbs are neighborhoods and communities that form a ring around the urban core, where most homes were built shortly after World War II and there is little vacant land for new development.

"Through the First Suburbs Coalition, 19 of these communities are working together on common issues. The primary challenge facing first suburbs is the age of public and private infrastructure — the homes, businesses and utilities that make up the physical base of the community. However, first suburbs can also capitalize on a number of assets, including great close-in locations, strong neighborhoods, and a real sense of place."

PowerPoint presentation:

Other documents: