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Respite and Adult Day Care

There is no denying that acting as the caregiver for an older adult can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. Sometimes, the caregiver may need a break. A few hours away from the stress and demand of caregiving can be a huge relief. There are several services that can provide caregivers with a break from their responsibilities. These include:

  • Adult Day Care: Adult day care centers are located throughout the metropolitan area and are licensed through the Department of Health and Senior Services in Missouri and Kansas Department of Health and Environment in Kansas. Adult day care centers are usually open several hours per day and allow an older adult to be dropped off by their caregiver. During their time at the adult day care center, the older adult will be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, receive appropriate meals and snacks, medication monitoring and general supervision.

  • Respite: This service is provided by a trained staff member or volunteer in the client’s home. The respite worker provides companionship and supervision to the older adult while his or her regular caregiver leaves the home. Other services may include preparation and serving of a meal, assistance with toileting, reading to the client or assistance with personal care.

  • Structured Respite: A limited number of locations offer a structured respite, or a caregiver’s day out program. These programs are for only a few hours a day, one to two days a week and provide participants with meals, snacks and activities. The majority utilize volunteers to help oversee the participants.

MARC Services

Utilizing National Family Caregiver Support Program funds, the MARC Department of Aging Services contracts with local providers to make respite and structured respite services available. To be eligible, caregivers must have responsibility for providing regular assistance to an older adult over the age of 60. There are no income or asset guidelines, but services will be targeted to those in the greatest need. 

If you would like more information, please contact the KCConnect-SENIORS line at 816/421-4980.


There is no predetermined fee scale to participate in one of the MARC respite or structured respite programs. Voluntary contributions are accepted to help defray the costs.